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The image forms the perception of your company. The first impression is crucial. There is no second chance to make a good first impression!

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I increase your brand awareness and boost your sales.

It's not just a photo shoot.

Who is my service for?

This is for creative entrepreneurs, coach, artist, consultant, bloggers, social media influencers, etc. Through this unique photography service, I will help you develop a strong visual brand that will help you in your day-to-day marketing efforts.

I help business owners to stand out and develop their brand image, thanks to a tailor-made photography.

I help business owners to stand out and develop their brand image, thanks to a tailor-made photography.

An Easy Result

A professional photograph is important, as it is constantly used to distinguish successful branding.

The proof is everywhere.

Every day, you can see examples of leading brands from different industries using high quality images in their marketing campaigns and on the web.

Monday September 19 2022

We really liked the experience of working with Erik, he is very attentive to our needs and very respectful of our work environment. He managed to make the whole team comfortable and invested. The result meets what we discussed together before the photoshoot. The photos strike a nice balance between a warm and classy feel, just like we discussed. We are generally satisfied and grateful for the work you have done, moreover the team really liked the experience, the photo shoot allowed us as a company to have a moment of reflection on what we are and to appreciate it.

Shelly Plante


Latitude Zéro

I loved my first photoshoot experience! Erik is approachable and very professional. Before the session, he took the trouble to fully understand my needs and gave me several tips. The same day, he quickly put me at ease in front of the camera! And what about the result! My photos are varied, original and totally in my image. In short, for a photoshoot that meets your expectations, look no further!   Thank you Erik

Fannie Marchesault


Marche & Saut

Impeccable service! Perfect pictures! He is attentive to the needs of his client and respects the requests. I used his services within the framework of the company for which I work and I will not hesitate to contact him again if necessary.

Mélissa Giroux

Marketing director



Your other solution, you do it yourself. You configure the shot, you take the photo, you download it, you modify it...

How long does it take ? 30 minutes ? Whenever you need a picture! How many images do you need to provide content for 3 to 5 ''posts'' per week? Even if you only post on weekdays, that means you spend about 10 hours a month doing your own photography. Or you recycle the same photos. It's 30 hours per quarter. Imagine what you could do with that time!

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