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Corporate Headshot Wardrobe and Style Guide

October 25 2022 Erik Goulet


Don't stress! Wear clothes that give you a shape you want to see when standing still in front of a mirror.

Ladies, wear a higher neckline and gentlemen, a fitted collar shirt is a great choice and will give a classic, professional look. A certain color makes you look amazing? Wear it!

We suggest avoiding bold patterns, as they will distract from what's most important — your face! For more options, I suggest bringing a sports jacket or coat for a more corporate style and adds texture to your outfit. You will have an additional clothing option.

Tie or pocket square? The tie is no longer an obligation. The pocket square is a great alternative. If you opt for this one, the tie with a pattern and sober colors are timeless and professional.

Ladies, choose simple jewelry. You are the star of the photoshoot. Avoid large rings. If a necklace is worn, ensure it is not too long.


Taking the time to style your hair and applying your makeup properly makes a huge difference! Bring what you need for quick makeup touch-ups and a brush or comb to tame flyaways. If possible, we recommend that you have your hair and makeup done by a professional before your photo session.


• Be sure to review your clothing choices before your portrait appointment.

• Avoid clothes that are too casual. Tailored, well-fitting clothes will be the most flattering.

• No logo or images on your clothes

• When in doubt, bring plenty of clothing options and we'll help you choose the best outfits for you.


• This is one of the most important things to do in the days leading up to your photo shoot. Drink plenty of water and rest well!

You can view our rates for corporate portraits on our Corporate Portrait page.