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Coffee is much more than just a cup of coffee.

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The brand is high class, elegant, old school and chic. The company is evocative on different topics surrounding specialty coffee, the environment, agriculture, coffee in different cultures, and the science of brewing.

The desired imagery is centered on the science of coffee. The different processes associated with the creation of the beverage and the accessories used and processes are highlighted.

Latitude Zéro 's brand image photography bears witness to the expertise and know-how that inhabits the company. The science of coffee is at the heart of the brand.

Customers can identify the quality of the product in the visual. The developed process results in a superior quality coffee.

Latitude Zéro is looking for a photography that demonstrates the science of coffee and the different processes associated with the creation of the beverage. The roasting of the coffee bean with the steps to reach the finished product is important for the business. The accessories used must be highlighted.

The proposed transformation is established with the alliance between the technical aspect and the human side. Eye contact adds altruism and personifies the process of creating Latitude Zero coffee. Each image transforms the science of coffee and the expertise of the company into a clear visual that confirms Latitude Zero as the expert at the heart of coffee production and roasting.

Latitude Zéro est une entreprise écoresponsable qui se préoccupe de la communauté qui entoure la production du grain. Le café est beaucoup plus qu’une simple tasse café.

We really liked the experience of working with Erik, he is very attentive to our needs and very respectful of our work environment. He managed to make the whole team comfortable and invested. The result meets what we discussed together before the photo shoot.

The photos strike a nice balance between a warm and classy feel, just like we discussed.

We are generally satisfied and grateful for the work you have done, moreover the team really liked the experience, the photo shoot allowed us as a company to have a moment of reflection on what we are and to appreciate it.

Shelly Plante, Latitude Zéro


Presentation of the vision of the photo shoot.

Download the original presentation I made to the client.

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