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Creation of their brand image photography

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Marche & Saut

Move to better experience motherhood

Marche & Saut is a unique platform that aims to support new mothers by offering them a specialized training service and access to educational content so that they can better experience the multiple challenges of motherhood and reach their full potential.

Fannie approached me for the branding of her Walk & Jump service business. My goal for the photo shoot was to create images that represent Fannie's empathy and professionalism.

This Professional Branding photoshoot is the second opportunity I have had to photograph Fannie. This 2nd session added a new dynamic, Fannie's interaction with these clients. The process was guided by a pre-established list of anticipated shots. My creative process always includes an interview to establish with my partner, their anticipated result.

I loved my first photoshoot experience! Erik is approachable and very professional. Before the session, he took the trouble to fully understand my needs and gave me several tips. The same day, he quickly put me at ease in front of the camera! And what about the result! My photos are varied, original and totally in my image. In short, for a photoshoot that meets your expectations, look no further!   Thank you Erik

Fannie Marchesault

Marche & Saut

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